Overheard in the Newsroom

Sep 20

“Editor to crime reporter who is distracted by a weather story: “Chase the crash, not the rainbow.””

Editor 1: “There’s pizza and salad in the other room.”

Editor 2: “So by now you meant there’s just salad.”

Sep 19

“Reporter to photographer: “Is it a bad thing that I fantasize about getting fired?””

“Reporter, talking to a colleague: “Okay, I’m going to go meet with this wannabe Deep Throat.””

Editor 1: “Are you one of the chosen few with the keys to the coffee?”

Editor 2: “That depends upon which coffee you mean.”

Editor 1: “I mean the coffee I’m going to start up a chainsaw and start killin’ people without.”

Sep 17

“Reporter, trying to get a press release from the DA before deadline: “I told him I’ll start bugging him at 9, harassment starts at 9:30 and full-on stalking commences at 10.””

“Reporter to intern: “Our clerk handles anything under 7 inches. If you know what I mean.””

Editor: “We don’t accept handwritten submissions.”

Community member: “Well, I don’t have a typewriter.”

Sep 08

“Managing editor to news coordinator: So tell me the name of the intern I just hired.”

Sep 07

“Editor: I think it’s poetic that on your last night as an intern we’re sending you to go pick up food.”

“Editor: I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.”

“Editor who doesn’t want her desk moved: My dust bunnies have NAMES!”

“Reporter: There’s no way a man walked into an adult bookstore and only grabbed cash.”

Sep 01


Managing editor to news coordinator: “So tell me the name of the intern I just hired.”

Aug 31


Reporter: “I once got kicked out of a corn dog stand for reporting on a shooting.”