Overheard in the Newsroom

Oct 01

“You know what’s overrated? Spelling.” — Overheard in the Chicago Tribune newsroom (via chicagotribune)

Sep 30

“Look at us, making excuses on a Monday morning!” — Overheard at The Washington Post (via washingtonpost)

“I could never run for office. I haven’t done enough bad things in my life.” — Overheard in the Newsroom (via chicagotribune)

"Oh my God, I don’t CARE about Lex Luthor! I don’t care!"

Bad lighting

Copy editor: “Man, we really need to get the light replaced over my desk. I thought this said arrested for pubic drunkenness.”

Hypothetical but accurate

Editor: “A UFO just landed downtown!”
Lazy photographer: “Yeah, but it’ll have flown off by the time I’d get down there.”


Features reporter researching egg donation: “It says you get $5,000 to $10,000. My mom is always whining about wanting grandkids…”

Web editor, explaining the correction format after PD, officials and paper misspell a subject’s name: “The deceased’s name was previously misspelled as ‘things that are wrong.’ His name is ‘things that are right.’ E’reybody regrets the fuckin’ error.” 
Reporter: “Except I don’t think everybody does regret the error. I think I’m the only one.” 

Editor on the phone (to photographer): “I need you to pull something out of your ass for me.”

Sep 27

Editor, hearing wreck over radio, trying to decide which reporter should cover it: “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go…”

Reporter, finishing the verse: “Never mind. I’m gonna go.”

Editor 1: “What about hipsters who might read this?”

Editor 2: “Hipsters aren’t real people. They don’t have feelings.” 

After hearing Reporter 1 talk about a story about an alleged moldy orange in a cafeteria
City editor: “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.”
Reporter2: “Now you’re comparing apples and oranges.”

Sep 26


Reporter 1 after talking to a police sergeant: “I wanted to tell him not to get your panties in a knot.”

Reporter 2: “Who cares about his panties?!”

Women in the breakroom are talking about health concerns and pregnancy. Male editor comes into the newsroom from the breakroom: “There’s like a lady party going on in there.”

"My father grew breasts, he was in the Navy and they gave them the Pill to overcome sea-sickness"