Overheard in the Newsroom

Caller: “How many people work on the Business desk?”

Editor: “About half of them.”

She wants to be a journalist or photojournalist or whatever future journalists will be called.
Overheard at The Washington Post (via washingtonpost)
Reporter 1: "Where are you off to?"
Reporter 2: "New Jersey."
Reporter 1: "I'm sorry."
Newsrooms are emotional places.
Overheard at The Washington Post (via washingtonpost)
A spoonful of peanut butter beats a doughnut. I could do worse
Overheard in the newsroom (via chicagotribune)
Local criminals

Reporter to photographer: “We’ve got a mugshot of the pimp? Hang on. I’ve gotta see what a Wyoming pimp looks like.”

Evolution of journalism

Editor referring to Twitter follower: “This is the evolution of journalism. We went from looking for Deep Throat, to looking for Ratchet Ass Frank. Where are you Ratchet Ass??!”

Sports editor on writer who frequently produces 65-inch stories: “The Iliad is in - now we’re just waiting on Homer to finish the Odyssey.”


Copy editor: “I don’t wanna read [vaguely bigoted contributor’s] column.”

City editor: “Read it with your eyes closed.”

Photographer 1: “Well, it’s not a Pultizer-winning piece.”
Photographer 2: “You never know. It might be a slow year.”

Reporter to coworker: “If the public knew half of the foul things we call them on a regular basis, no one would ever talk to us - EVER.”

Editor to reporter:

"OK, see you later. Have fun at the funeral."

Editor 1: “I see Brangelina tied the knot.”

Editor 2: “It must have been hard for them to wait all that time before having sex.”

Photographer, talking about reporter: “She’s covering a Zumba thing.” 

Old reporter: “What’s a Zumba?” 

Rookie reporter upon joining the newsroom’s fantasy football team: “I guess this is part of being an adult, huh?”