Overheard in the Newsroom
What do you call a single NASCAR? A NASCAR-car?
Overheard in the newsroom (via nationaljournal)
Working in a regular office must be so boring.
Overheard in the newsroom (via heralddemocrat)
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Editor: Okay, now what the fuck is the judge saying?

Reporter: Still reading out the charge.

Editor: Tell him to hurry up.

REPORTER: “(That lawyer) is a good friend of mine.  He drives a 2-seater Mercedes and is gorgeous.”

PRODUCER: “Does he play on my team?”

REPORTER: “No.  But he does for me.”

Reporter: OH MY GOD, IT’S YOU!

Senior Reporter: Yes, I do still work here.

Producer 1: “Do you need to super Mickey Mouse?”

Producer 2: “What do you put for the bottom line on that? ‘Mickey Mouse / Mouse’? ‘Mickey Mouse / Fictional Character’?”

Producer 1: “(Graphics artist) didn’t want to put (local politician) in celebrity birthdays because ‘he’s an a-hole’.”

Producer 2: “Well, I like putting local people in there, so she can just stuff it.”

Producer 1: “I’m having trouble spelling ‘psychedelic’ this morning.”

Producer 2: “Maybe some LSD would help fix that.”

Editor, looking for sources for an obit: ”I can’t think of anyone still around that knew him. Everyone’s retired or dead these days.”

Producer, needing to arrow through a rundown in new newsroom software: “Can you go down on mine?”

at LBI

Art Director: “So we’re doing a photo shoot for this “Biggest Losers” story? But you’re not giving us before shots? We need before-and-afters, to give it impact.”

Editor: “Oh I’ll give it impact.”

"I told the journalists to get pictures of cute animals, not dead animals.” -Managing Editor

Producer 1: “How should I super this? ‘Crazy Guy Causes Disturbance?’”

Producer 2: “I like it. You can’t use it. But I like it.”

Producer 1, on a segment in her show: “We’re going to have Super Bowl drinks, one for each team.”

Producer 2: “That sounds like a bad episode of Sandra Lee.” 

Newsroom e-mail: “If you cut your fingernails (or toenails) at the assignment desk, please don’t do it again. It’s kind of gross to be working and find a fingernail (or toenail) stuck to my hand or on the floor.”