Overheard in the Newsroom
Seek shelter

Features reporter reading her paper’s latest Facebook post: “Please seek shelter if you hear thunder.”
Editor: “Who the fuck said that?”
Features reporter: “We did.” 

Photographer talking about her crazy morning: “My husband called to tell me he couldn’t remember if he turned the oven off last night. I told him that was the least of my worries and I wanted to just color in a blanket fort.”

Sports editor, talking about a printer that’s not working: “I’m trying to do a Jedi Mind Trick on it. … Maybe I should be a Sith Lord.”

Entertainment reporter, while discussing various online chat services: “I like as little personal communication as possible.”

Editor: “Was that wedding vow renewal really on Tuesday?”

Lifestyle reporter: “No, it was actually Friday, but the invitation did say that they were going to renew their vowels.”

Regional producer: “Have you got video of the flooding?”

Video editor: “I’ve got video of Batman riding a trike in Japan. Sorry, what were you after?”


Community Editor: How do you abbreviate Fuck?

Newsroom: Silence

"That’s a great show. It teaches you honor and respect. Like ‘300.’"
City editor, speaking about the movie “Super Troopers”

Plan to fail

"Fewer editors producing more publications? What could possibly go right?"

Reporter 1, to IT: “Can I grab you in a second?”

Reporter 2: “Like, for a hug?”

Reporter 1: “If nothing else, you’ve succeeded in getting ‘All About That Base’ stuck in my head.”

Reporter 2: “Then I’ve done my job.”

Reporter 1: “Is THAT your job!? No wonder you’re poor.”

Weekend reporter holding a donut in one hand and a Pizza with multiple toppings in the other.

"The serious workout I did this morning is about to go to hell."

Editor talking about Tinder: I don’t understand the hype about online dating with the younger generaions

Journalist: I met my ex-boyfriend through online dating

Long pause

Chief of Staff: That worked out well for you

Lessons of school

Lifestyles editor: “That is the number one lesson you learn from school, for the rest of your life, you’re going to be doing shit you don’t want to do.”

Reporter 1: “Look, newspapers! Who says it’s a dying industry?”

Reporter 2: “The internet.”