Overheard in the Newsroom

Me: “My monitor is broken.”

Editor: “If you type carefully that shouldn’t matter.”

via @JesseAPaul

Web editor: I always spell “refrigerator” wrong.

Education reporter: Me too. I always want to put a ‘D’ in it.

(A brief pause, then followed by an inappropriate giggle fit.)

Assistant Editor: She wouldn’t give you her age?

Reporter: No.

News Editor: What’s her village and middle initial? I’ll get you her age. I have the 2008 voter registration list. I’ve got her birthdate.

Copy editor 1: With a completely serious expression. “I have a very important question to ask you.”

Copy editor 2: “What’s that?”

Copy editor 1: “Is it 50 cent corn dog day?”

Copy editor 2: Frantically searches on google. “It is!!”

Copy editor 1: “How many do you want?”

Editor bemoaning tech problem: “Triple murders have been solved more quickly.”

Online Issues

Editor referring to graphic sent by corporate IT department he has contacted many times about a new website: “I don’t understand what this is.”

Sports Editor: “Is it just a giant middle finger?”

Local criminals

Reporter 1, on seeing accused arsonist in court: “He seemed like a really nice guy.”

Reporter 2: “… who just happened to set a hotel on fire.”

"If I bite kids, I’m going to get bit" - reporter on what kids learn in kindergarten.

Editor to pub safety reporter:

"You’ve been here so long that people who have been convicted as habitual criminals are back for another jail sentence."

Pub safety reporter: “Yeah? Well, you’ve been here long enough to see a life sentence through!”

Designer, in a conversation about not being able to leave his desk: “Maxipads hold a lot more than you think.”

Eye Sore

On mayor’s shirt

Photographer: “Editing this photo is making me nauseous .”

Reporter: “It’s like a wavy optical illusion.”

Photographer 2 : “If you squint really hard you can see a pirate ship.”

Digital editor: “You know when you let the air slowly out of a balloon and it goes EEEEEEEEEEEEE…that’s how my brain feels.”

Customer at front desk: How often does you newspaper come out?

Receptionist at newspaper with “Daily” in the name: Once a day.

Sports editor, walking past TV with “Jeopardy!” on: “I just felt really smart … but then I saw it’s kids Jeopardy!”

Copy editor to sports editor: “So has your baseball team hit anybody in the head tonight?”

Sports Editor: “No.”

Copy editor: “It’s early though.”